Morgan Wasylyk

I have a very specific focus in the work that I do – I am here to be the person that we all need when we’re a child, teen and/or adult and are struggling to be our best self.

From the time I was a teenager and into my twenties, I had ongoing battles with depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, compulsive exercising, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and several other self-sabotaging behaviours. Through countless courses and truth seeking journeys, I am now THRIVING and am thrilled to be working with others to end their struggles and step into the life they deserve!

I am now offering my Wellness Mentorship Program & Sessions to people of all ages.

Sometimes we need a helping hand to make change, transition and transformation happen – and that’s what I’m here for! Whatever it is that you’re going through, whether it’s limiting beliefs, negative self-talk & overthinking, low self-worth, trauma, physical/mental illness, stepping into your purpose, taking a leap, relationships, feeling stuck, and many other struggles – I know this program can help you!

During our sessions, I will teach you several different tools and techniques to help guide you into the life you’re SEEKing.

Wellness Mentorship Programs are available for people of all ages: children, youth, and adults. Each program is tailored to your individual needs; so no program will be exactly the same. However, there will be common strategies and tools I will give you to use in-between our weekly sessions to help aid you in your transformation.

Throughout the program, I will help you move through your struggles, what’s bringing you down and holding you back from stepping into your best life. By meeting or video conferencing weekly, I will guide you through shedding old belief systems and what’s keeping you stuck. After we’ve moved through your past programs, conditions and habits, I will help you take the leap into your truest desires/best version of yourself.

The length of each program may vary, but I suggest committing yourself to 12 weeks. But, guess what? You might not even need that much time – and I’m flexible with that! By committing to weekly sessions, you are taking your wellness and power back into your hands and will experience a more drastic/timely transformation.

It is from my own personal experience that I can tell you if we are really serious about needing a change or wanting to live a better life, guided weekly sessions, focused and repeated independent practice, and financial investment are pivotal for our personal growth/transformation.

You can be happy, healthy, calm, and have positive/nurturing relationships – it’s SO EXCITING! Investing in your health and wellbeing will ALWAYS be worth it!

Wellness Mentorship Program Bonuses:

1. After completing the program, you will receive two free sessions to use whenever you might need them in the future.

2. Unlimited communication with me between our sessions. If something comes up and you need a helping hand on navigating your way through it, you can text or email me and I’ll respond back with suggestions/words of wisdom.

Spots are limited and are filling quickly, so if you’re interested or would like more information, LET’S TALK.

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Wishing you all of the love, health and happiness this life has to offer!
Morgan Wasylyk – Seeker Wellness & Healing