Hi my name is Briana Grimes I am the twin sister to the talented, hard working, dedicated and positive Brittany Dalziel. Brittany founded Lotus tree in 2015, I envied her every move from the start and wanted into Lotus Tree for years, she finally accepted me as a partner and now we are making even more memories running a business together. 

Health has always been something that I have been very passionate about because I have had so many battles myself. When the opportunity arouse to keep the health supplements selling out of Lotus Tree I was all for it. I am extremely passionate about the eminence organic skin care line we carry, as well as the professionals that come to our facility. 

 I believe in outstanding customer service and going the extra step to make clients feel special.

When you visit Lotus Tree I am your “ front end gal” hoping you enjoy your stay and helping you with retail purchases of our many lines of natural health products.

I had never really found my “calling” , Until I joined the Lotus Tree Wellness and Healing Team. When you visit Lotus Tree, know that you are walking in to a safe, happy place full of love and passion for what we do.