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Neurological Health

The mind-body connection is a powerful thing. Promoting balanced moods, memory, attention span and reasoning ability is beneficial for both your mental and physical health.

For instance, maintaining a healthy blood flow to the brain supports cognitive function and increasing GABA receptors in the brain can ease feelings of anxiety. Supplements can help keep your body and mind working in harmony- without the side effects of conventional medications.

Eye Health & Antioxidants

Free radicals threaten the health of our cells and compromise the functions of all our organs. Antioxidants rescue damaged cells by stopping free radicals in their tracks and repairing the damage they leave in their wake.

Our eyes are especially sensitive to free radicals and need protection against oxidative damage. Antioxidant support can help keep muscles of the eye and the millions of parts that help us see strong and powerful.

CanPrev can help you keep an eye on your vision and your overall health.

Bone Health & Inflammation

Your bones, muscles and joints are like the pats of a machine, seamlessly moving and humming behind the scenes to keep you going. it’s important for all your parts to work together fluidly-because we know what happens when metal rusts, gears grind or belts screech to a halt.

Keeping your skeletal structure stong, your joints lubricated and your muscles flexible is crucial to avoid a mechanical breakdown. That’s where maintaining bone health and guarding against inflammation come in.


 Cardiovascular Health

The cardiovascular system intertwines like a big city roadmap inside your body, working to carry food, oxygen and waste to the appropriate organs for processing. Blood navigates the streets and avenues of arteries, veins and capillaries to deliver oxygen and other key nutrients, as well as to remove waste products.

Your heart is at the centre at this metropolis, and it’s important to keep the roadways reinforced and clear of congestion to keep your blood pumping and flowing. CanPrev can Help with that.

Immune and Respiratory Health

Your immune system,armed with white blood cells and antibodies, acts as your first line of defence against bacteria and viruses entering your body through the respiratory tract. This makes a healthy immune system the key to staying well. It needs to be unwavering in its protection.

Washing hands and eating right are good practices to follow, but you can do even more to increase your odds of fighting off colds and flu viruses. Reliable, proven supplements are your insurance against the germs that invade every area of our lives, everyday.

Detox & Liver Health

Feeling heavy, bloated or just plain blah? A detox is a great way to ease your body into a change of seasons or to mark the start of a healthier lifestyle. Your liver already acts as your body’s natural detoxifier, but sometimes it could use a little help getting rid of all the toxins and carcinogens that have built up over time.

You don’t need to deprive yourself, you just need to take a step in the right direction, starting with supplements designed to recharge and revitalize.

Endocrine Health

You can grow to be six feet tall, eat a lot and never gain a pound, fall in love over and over- these are all examples of what your endocrine system does. It’s one big family of hormones and glands that work together  to control your metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, mood and more.

Supporting the endocrine system with the right supplements will help keep all members of the family growing and thriving.

Digestive Health

Digestion is an important factor in your overall health. A well-functioning digestive system ensures your body absorbs the nutrients it needs for energy, repair and growth. You’ll know something’s off track if you experience symptoms like constipation, gas or bloating.

Keeping the right treatments on hand for when digestive distress rears it’s ugly head can alleviate symptoms, restore regularity and leave you feeling lighter


General Health

Adopting a preventative strategy is one of the best possible ways to keep your body functioning- and keep you feeling your best. Living a healthy lifestyle starts with a plan of action. It includes understanding how your body works and knowing what it needs .It requires giving yourself clear health goals- what do you want to achieve? Your plan should also identify your support team

Consider the supplements outlined below as the initial building blocks of your plan to create a healthier you. It all starts with a solid foundation.

Mens Health

Self-reliance is a cornerstone for health-conscious men. There is no reason to let the growing rate of heart disease or the unique challenges of BPH slow you down. Your health is in your capable hands.

You may not always stop and ask directions, but you can steer yourself down the road to a longer, healthier life.

Womens Health

From bloating to baby bumps, the pillar of women’s health is undoubtedly marked by the menstrual cycle. And while your trying to juggle everything life throws your way it can really cramp your style.

No matter what stage of life you’re at, whether it’s your first pregnancy or the first signs of menopause, support is available in the form of natural remedies. Because you’re way too busy to be a slave to your cycle.


Collagen Beauty peptides activate specific receptors in skin cells known as fibroblast cells.

This is highly unique and important for skin repair because fibroblast cells are the most common cells responsible for stimulating collagen building in the skin.

Powder System

Clean, custom nutrition.

Your nutritional needs are as unique as you. Supercharge your day by creating your own finely-tuned performance powder combinations with CanPrev’s Powder System. Each high-performance nutrient is selected for maximum bioavailability and potency. Soy, gluten and GMO-free. 100% vegan.